Function Visualizer (Plot and graph equations online!)

The Function Visualizer is a graph drawer, witch displays the graph of a function F(x) and/or G(x). The function can contain polynomial, exponential, and trigonometric expressions. (See the list of available functions at the bottom of the page!) You can adjust the position and scale of the visulaizer with the 'Move control' and 'Zoom control' in the left and right upper cornel. You can choose some interesting predifened functions from the FuctionGalery.
With this tool you can easily investigate the behavior of an arbitrary function, or create a concept about the limit of the function.
If you have an implicit formula in F(x,y)=0 form, then you can use the Implicit Formula Graph Drawer.
The Function Visualizer runs in the browser, so you souldn't download anything, just try and enjoy!

A: B:

Usable operations: Usable functions: Usable constants:
  • a * b // multiply a by b
  • a / b // divide a by b
  • a % b // find the remainder of division of a by b
  • a + b // add a and b
  • a - b // subtract b from a
  • a & b // bitwise a AND b
  • a | b // bitwise a OR b
  • a ^ b // bitwise a XOR b
  • abs(x) // the absolute value of x
  • acos(x) // arc cosine of x
  • asin(x) // arc sine of x
  • atan(x) // arc tangent of x
  • ceil(x) // integer closest to and not less than x
  • cos(x) // cosine of x
  • exp(x) // exponent of x
  • floor(x) // integer closest to and not greater than x
  • log(x) // log of x base e
  • max(a,b) // the maximum of a and b
  • min(a,b) // the minimum of a and b
  • pow(a,b) // a to the power b
  • round(x) // integer closest to x
  • sin(x) // sine of x
  • sqrt(x) // square root of x
  • tan(x) // tangent of x
  • PI // pi
  • E // e
  • SQRT2 //sqrt(2)
  • SQRT1_2 // sqrt(1/2)
  • LN2 // ln(2)
  • LN10 // ln(10)
  • LOG2E // log2(e)
  • LOG10E // log10(e)
  • A // free parameter
  • B // free parameter

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